Capitole D - Collabs

Cap D's first solo project, entitled "Capitole D Collabs" is about to take hiphop to another level. Having huge collab records such as the R.I.P. featuring Block McCloud, as well as some incredible cuts from DJ Waxwork, Slaine (La Coka Nostra), Esoteric & Mad Child to name a few...
01. There Here Intro
02. Poltergeist ft. Celph Titled
03. Here We Go ft. Wrekonize, Travis Omen & Corbett
04. R.I.P. ft. Block McCloud
05. Headstone Skit
06. So Pretty So Cold ft. Slaine & DJ Waxwork
07. Resume ft. Relyks, Travis Omen & Epic
08. The Message
09. The Vomit Creature (Skit)
10. They Don't Drop It ft. Evil Ebenezer, DZK & DJ Ambi Deck Stress
11. A Ta Z ft. Alberta Murderaz
12. Going Crazy ft. Madchild, Crooked Genius & D40oz
13. R.I.P. ft. Block McCloud, SnakTheRipper & DJ Waxwork) [Remix]
14. Best Days ft. Merkules & Esoteric
15. Face Pealing Outro

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