Block McCloud - Four Walls

Block Mccloud's Four Walls is produced entirely by DJ Waxwork formerly of Snowgoons. This album shows you a dark twisted world portraying an unsettled mind state through a melodic masterpiece that fuses Wax's beats & cuts with Blocks rhymes & singing, seamlessly.
1. Intro
2. Led Zeppelins ft. Reef the Lost Cauze
3. Method to the Madness Interlude
4. True Lies ft. Vinnie Paz & Hasan Salaam
5. Hallucination
6. Outside the Box
7. Crazy Man StraitJacket Remix ft. RA the Rugged Man & Celph Titled
8. Killer Karnival ft. Diabolic & Thirstin Howl the 3rd
9. House of Wax
10. Dexters Lab ft. Ill Bill & Just One
11. It's Alive ft. Slaine & Dc (Theodore Unit)
12. Hurricane McCloud ft. King Magnetic
13. Rainfall ft. Famoso & Blak Starr
14. Blind Mans Pictures Interlude
15. Try
16. Beneath the Surface ft. King Syze & Demunz the Dark Apostle
17. Woods ft. Lego the Future & Raw Doggz
18. Pray ft. Castro Fidel
19. Last Will ft. Fresh Jones

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