Guerrilla Alliance - Empire of Fear

The highly anticipated sophomore release "Empire of Fear LP" is a post 9/11 referendum on living on planet earth during the peak of New World Order activity. PXR uses hip-hop as the medium in the 2nd chapter of the Guerrilla Alliance trilogy.
01. Kingdom of Fear (Intro)
02. The War Scroll
03. El Rito Divino De Reyes (ft. Vee Eye)
04. Ghost in the Machine (ft. El-a-Kwents)
05. Megiddo
06. Alliance of Peril (ft. Lone Ninja)
07. Vae Victis
08. Lordz of Shadowz (ft. The Jotaka & Sick Since)
09. Omerta
10. Scimitar (ft. Highdro & Tehuti Mos)
11. Eye 4 An Eye (ft. Block McCloud & Tone Spliff)
12. Black Earth (ft. Rasul Allah)
13. Predatory Spiritualism (ft. Chief Kamachi & Tone Spliff)
14. Ordo Ab Chao (ft. Canibus & Tone Spliff)
15. Empire of Terror (Outro) [Beat by Vee Eye]
16. Ordo Ab Chao (Remix) (ft. Canibus & Tone Spliff)
17. Ronin (ft. The PXR Praetorz: Stranga, El-a-Kwents & Scripture)

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