Formaldahyde & Anonamix: Evil Intentions

Evil Intentions (Anonamix & Formaldahyde) have brought together one of the dopest albums featuring some of the most respected Emcees & Producers in the world!
1. Microphone 2 Shreds feat. Copywrite
2. Scriptures
3. Ballistic Missles feat. Savant
4. Sounds of Madness feat. The Society of Invisibles
5. Kill & Be Done feat. Block McCloud
6. Evil Music feat. Goretex
7. Dump A Body feat. Celph Titled & Diabolic
8. Songs Spawned feat. Savant
9. Nightcaps feat. Mac Lethal
10. Ballsack feat. Block McCloud & Perseverance
11. Danger Fields feat. Gutta
12. Coming for Blood feat. Matt Maddox
13. Officer Down feat. Diabolic, Benevox & Swiggy
14. Disaster Relief feat. Chief Kamachi, Perseverance & Billy Tha Kid
15. Midnight Massacre feat. King Magnetic & Mark Deez
16. Puddy Tat feat. Durdy D
17. Switchblade Brigade feat. Nutkaze, Absoulut Karnage & Klive Kraven
18. Ground Breakers feat. Bekay & Diabolic
19. Battle Scars feat. Savant

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