Destruct MC - Leaving Yet?

The Leaving Yet LP gives you that 90's samplebased beats, cuts and a laidback flow that sets the mood & tempo. This album does not want you as the listener to leave at all, with a well rounded sound & well produced beats.
1. Progress feat. LD
2. Raise The Bar
3. Dreamin feat. EQ, Ophelia & Impress
4. 50/50
5. Write Or Wrong feat. Joaquin Pacheco
6. The Vibe feat. Kev Brown
7. Moment For Self feat. XP
8. Gotta Get Mine feat. Plenty Hendrix
9. Time's Up
10. Show & Prove feat. LD & Ariano
11. Deadly Sin
12. Cold World feat. Dye
13. Back & Fourth
14. The Name feat. Plenty Hendrix
15. Leaving Yet?

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