7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi) - Golden Era Music Sciences

Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi come together to deliver this raw, sinister, dusty & mellow-dramatic 90's boom-bap retro style sound, laying the perfect platform for the message of enlightenment, elevation & expression through music.
1. Intro (King Asiatic Allah)
2. Without You
3. Dem Get Murda
4. No Good
5. I Know I’m Reckless
6. Presume The Unpredictable (feat. Roc Marciano)
7. Gems
8. Men Of Honor (feat. Relentless)
9. Time To Ponder
10. The Annointed
11. Vantage Point
12. Beatbox Interlude (feat. Choppa Tha Beatboxa)
13. Wild Militants
14. Foul Thesis (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq)
15. Verge of Defeat (feat. Killah Priest)
16. Aura Snatchers (Remix)

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