AWAR - The Laws of Nature

Completing his unique trilogy of projects, Upstate New York lyricist, AWAR, serves up The Laws of Nature.
01. Ash to Dust
02. Tunnel Vision
03. Stairsteps (ft. Has-Lo)
04. Keep Risin'
05. Until the End (ft. Nottz Raw, MURS, P. Jericho)
06. Gambling Spot (ft. DJ Majic)
07. Never Break Me (ft. Evidence)
08. Elephant Gun
09. Take a Moment (ft. Stat Quo)
10. I Arrived (ft. Latoya Williams)
11. Cant Walk Away
12. Strictly Business
13. Dreamin (ft. Antonio Mclendon)
14. One Thing More
15. Cut Throat Rap (ft. Roc Marciano, Grafh)

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